Strategic Positioning of the Oscar Bimpong Brand

I have a business that strategically positions me in the marketplace because the corporate world spends too much money on skill set training to the detriment of behavioural training. What they forget is that anyone they employ already has a level of skill set. Therefore allocating a big budget for skill set training and neglecting the behaviour that backs the skill set can hinder the growth of the organisation. If an excellent skill set is backed with a bad attitude, it will surely impact your organisation negatively. This is the reason why behavioural training is now breaking ground in the corporate world. What many Directors and CEOs don't know is every employee walks through the door of their organisation with a particular mindset based on their background, the environment they grew up in, tribal sentiments, attitude towards work, ethics etc. My work is to make sure that the mindset of every employee is aligned with the vision of the company. A team that has the right mindset will succeed more than a team that has the right skill set backed with a bad attitude. This is why you must book for my two days training dubbed “How to Develop the Right Corporate Mindset”. Some of my clients are Vanguard Assurance, Zeepay, Asante Kotoko Sporting Club, Acacia Health Insurance, ALS Global Shipping & Logistics Limited etc just to mention a few. Whatsapp +447591152983 or email for more details and the opportunity to work with you.