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About Oscar Bimpong

Oscar is the go-to person when it comes to mindset transformation. He has 14 years of experience in setting the minds of people and organisations on autopilot of a winning mentality. He has over the years helped countless individuals, groups and the corporate world, harness the power of the mind to their advantage.

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Mindset Revolution Corporate Training

This is a well-designed three-day training for staff and management of organisations. What CEOs and corporate directors probably don’t know is that anyone they hire enters their business door with a particular mindset.

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Mindset Revolution Final Year Students Summit (MRFYSS)

This is a designed program for undergraduate final year students, master's and PhD students. It's about how to develop the right mindset to succeed in the real world.

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Mindset Revolution Coaching Academy (MRCA)

Are you an individual, career-oriented person, corporate executive or entrepreneur that wants to break limits and get to the next stage of your life? Then what you need is the Mindset Revolution Coaching Academy.

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Mindset Revolution Reading Club

This is where we meet every month to read and discuss the Mindset Revolution for 12 months. By the end of the 12 months, the objective is to drive a mindset change in the members for them to have a different perception and approach to life, career and business.

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Stepout With Oscar Bimpong

This is a personal development seminar for the youth, career-oriented people and those who carry a vision. The seminar is to help harness their personal development to complement their skills set to maximise their potential to succeed against all odds.

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Stepout Masterclass

This is a yearly masterclass organised in partnership with Zeepay Ghana Limited, our title sponsors. The whole ideology is to look for young people with start-ups and innovative technological ideas to support them to become the next unicorn on the continent of Africa.

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