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March 25, 2018
A Tribute to Ebony

There is nothing wrong with being a tenant, but it is better to develop a mindset of working towards becoming a landlord.

Oscar Bimpong.

I shared this quote a day before Ebony’s death on a social media platform. However, the meaning of this quote is in relation to real a life situation. In real life, you are either a tenant or a landlord. Your landlord draws the terms and conditions of renting and as a tenant you just have to abide by them or your the landlord evicts you.

However, in terms of our lives, we are all tenants of this world and there is only one landlord. Meaning no one owns this world. It is a rented space for all of us- both rich and the poor.

The rich and the poor all have one life to live.

The journey between the day you are born and the day you die is just a journey that is akin to renting. In real life situation, a person renting a house does not own the property. Hence they can be evicted anytime the property owner deems it fit to take over the property. This situation can be extrapolated unto our lives as we don’t have control over our lives. We cannot determine how, when or who should give birth to us, neither can we choose when we will die.

The fact is, the only opportunity to be a landlord in life, is to own a property. The way time moves fast, coupled with the kind of complex life we live in, especially in our generation, you just have a life now and the next moment you are not assured of it. You can have all the properties and valuable stuff that makes life a worthwhile but all of them do not belong to you. No one dies and goes to the grave with all their properties acquired. They leave it as a legacy for the next generation. The Bible says a good man leaves an inheritance for their children’s children.

Therefore if we are renting this world, then who is the owner of this world. Who has given us this space called the world for us to rent? Who determines when we are supposed to leave our rented apartment in the world,in relation to our life or to continue to have that opportunity to stay in it. Many people will have different answers to this, based on their ideology, background, educational level, religious beliefs and the way they perceive life. But as a child of God, I will stand by what the Bible says and that is, it is appointed unto men once to die, but after that judgement. God is the lawful owner of this world.

What I want Ghanaians and Christians to understand is that judgement does not come from man. Judgement comes from God Almighty. He is the only person that has the power and capacity to judge us. Therefore as you are renting this space called ‘world’, you don’t have any right or power to judge anyone because you will also be judged. Those that are judging Ebony, it is time you start pointing fingers at yourself as no one is perfect.

Remember one day the Landlord of this world will appear and ask yourself if you have obliged by all the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement of the space that was rented to you.

Ebony in her short life, lived a life of doing what she loved doing. That is entertaining and putting a smile on people’s faces. Every time you saw her in an interview or in a music video, she did it with a smile. Unfortunately, we have lost one of the most brilliant and talented young ladies, who was in the process of putting Ghana on the World map.

The question I want to ask you is simply this, what are you doing with your life before you die? Are you pursuing the things you love doing or you wake up every day to pursue that job or dream that frustrates you? There is always a positive side to any sad story. I watched an interview of Ebony on the Delay show and she categorically stated that at a point in time she had to drop out of school and pursue her music career because that is what she wants to do for the rest of her life. You can argue why she left school at such a young age but that is not different from the Bill Gates, the Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell etc. of our time. That is not to say education is not important but it’s important you understand that, the fact you did not have an education or you are a school drop out doesn’t mean you cannot be successful in life. Start with the things that you are passionate about and work hard at it with diligence and consistency and the rest can be history.

The multi-dollar question is what are you waiting for? What do you love doing? There is no other time as the time is NOW. The only time you have is this moment because, you don’t have control over the next moment. So whatever you want to achieve, the time to start is now. Procrastination should be deleted from your dictionary of life. Ebony though a mighty tree cut short and a candle light snuffed out,lived her dream. Are you living your dream?

Jonathan Larson says “there is no future, there is no past, I live this moment as my last”

Your future is today. Because if you don’t start today, there will be no future tomorrow. Excuses should be put to death and a passion to succeed against all odds should be activated in pursuit of your vision. Life is too short for you to continue to procrastinate.

But before I end, I want everyone reading this short tribute Ebony to understand this. We need to be careful when driving and we have to learn to adhere to road signs. The recklessness and the indiscipline on our roads are too much. The Government also has the responsibility to make our roads safer for driving.

As for Ebony, her friend Frankie and the soldier that died with them, may they rest in peace. As for the families and friends, Ruff Town Records CEO Bullet, who happens to be a good friend and the management team, i pray for the Grace of God to help you pass through such a challenging and difficult moment like this. May God keep and bless all of you.

I always say that it’s possible if only you believe.

Author – Oscar Bimpong
(Author, Transformational Speaker, Corporate Trainer & a Business Consultant)
Email – info@oscarbimpong.com

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