The January-December Cycle

December 4, 2017|
A Cycle of Achievement or Procrastination January and December are a cycle that will always show up on your calendar of life. They denote the beginning and the end of the year. They are a measure of our progress in relation to our vision.What this means is that you cannot change time but you can […] read more

The Truth Needs to be Told to Christians.

December 5, 2017|
I have started seeing adverts of crossing over into 2018, you will recover all that you’ve lost in 2017, you will do well in 2018 and so many promising and motivating captions. The new year resolutions galore as I call it have started.Instead of being emotional, learn to be realistic.The fact is you plugged yourself […] read more

Ten Facts About Talent

December 4, 2017|
1. Talent is a gift from God. It is giving to you freely. 2. The giver of any gift never demands it back and they never tell you what to do with the gift. It is entirely your decision what you do with the gift. 3. Every gem likewise every talent is hidden. It’s up to you […] read more

Corruption; The Bedrock of Africa’s Problems

November 24, 2016|
I love this quote from Theodore Roosevelt, which says: “A man who has never gone to school may steal a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.” I couldn’t agree with him more. The educated and the elite in Africa are the connoisseurs of the corruption clouding our […] read more

Seed & Rain, the Anchor of a Good Harvest

June 13, 2016|
Then God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you. With this Biblical quotation, you cannot be a failure. God did not give you only a seed but a tree […] read more

When Giants Fall To Underdogs

February 13, 2016|
In any industry, there are giants that control the market. They have enormous resources at their disposal and manipulate the market to their advantage. In normal life, such behavior may be termed as greedy, but in business, it may translate to increasing market share. These giants have the capacity to cripple your market entry strategies […] read more

How to Create a Winning Mentality

April 13, 2016|
People with winning mentality believe in success in spite of their current situation. That is whether they are experiencing challenging moments or not, they still think success. Success is their focus and anything outside the domain of success does not stop them from achieving their goals in life. They are hopeful, work hard to improve […] read more

From the Valley to the Top of the Mountain

May 13, 2016|
The mountain of your life is a symbol of success whilst the valley of your life defines the challenges holding you at that particular level you find yourself in. However you are the architect capable of designing your journey from the valley to the top of the mountain. Those that have climbed to the top of the mountain […] read more

Reggie & Bollie, Success on a Foreign Land

September 13, 2016|
Success is not discriminatory. It works on any good foundation of hard work and on any desiring spirit willing to succeed in spite of any challenges encountered. However to succeed on a land that you are not accustomed to can be a very challenging journey. It’s like travelling to a place that you don’t understand […] read more