Breaking the Norm and Calming the Storm the Meghan Way

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May 19, 2018
I just wake up and the first though that came to my mind is that today, the 19th of May 2018 is a special day and history is about to be made in the royalty of the United Kingdom with a royal wedding. Today is the wedding of Harry and Meghan. This is not only a special moment for the bride and groom but the whole world will be watching with an eagle eye detailing every step of the way.

However I’m prompted to write this short article because I want to inspire someone. One of the biggest breaks in the history of mankind in our generation is for a black man to be the president of the United States. This is one of the biggest boundaries that the black man has crossed in centuries considering our turmoil as slaves and colonisation amidst racism and discrimination. You can say it is destiny but I will say for Barrack Obama to become the president of the United States, even if it was destiny, I believe effort played a critical role. That is Obama believed and he made the effort to make it happen.

Now the next significant boundary that is about to be overcome is Meghan, a woman of colour to become part of the Royal Family. Interracial marriages have suffered in the past from the United States where it was illegal to the UK where they were discriminated against. The world has moved forward meaning interracial marriages have become more acceptable and welcoming. However there are still remnants of racism and discrimination that they face. But I believe the beauty of diversity which is the bedrock of the city of London will be activated today and this wedding will serve as foundation to continue to embrace diversity.

The inspiration for this article stems from the background of Meghan. From a modest family in the United Sates, a divorcee and coming from a family that seems to be dysfunctional tells me one thing and that is keep your hope alive in spite of all the challenges you are facing in life. The only difference between you and Meghan is that your kairos moment hasn’t arrived yet. That is your opportune time hasn’t materialised. But what you do before your opportune time is critical to becoming the person you are destined to be.

One of the lessons to learn from Meghan’s story is a lesson of what I call to let it go of any form of bitterness in your life. One of the things that you should remember is that Meghan would have missed this opportune time if she was bitter about her divorce. Many in life are harbouring so much bitterness in their life after divorce such that they don’t see any beauty in marriage. They believe there are no good women or men out there. Hence they swim in self pity, bitterness and hatred. The fact is how can you attract the prince of your life if what you harbour in your heart repels the good things of life. Many are missing their opportune moment in life because they have failed one thing or the other in life.

Your failure is not an excuse to continue failing but your handling of failure is the platform to get to greater heights in life.

There has been a lot of controversies prior to this special day in relation to Meghan’s family. Before I drop my pen to go and glue myself to the TV, I was asking a lot of questions concerning Meghan’s family. Did Harry visit the family before he decided to marry her? If he did, what was his thoughts? Did his experience with the family make it difficult to break the news of his relationship with Meghan to the Royal Family? How has the Royal family taken all the controversies within the family prior to today?

There are a lot of questions than answers. In all these, there is one thing that I believe stood out in the mind of Harry and that is Meghan carried herself very well in the midst of a family that looks disintegrated. The fact is how you carry yourself matters in winning any battle in life. To stand out from the crowd is not easy but is achievable if you know what you want and allow your uniqueness to shine in the midst of the storm. There is nothing impossible if you put your mind to it. Stop thinking mediocrity and break the limitations preventing you from getting to where you are destined to be in life.

It’s unfortunate the father will not walk Meghan down the aisle but I believe Meghan has a strong personality to handle this on this special occasion. What I will advise Meghan as a black person becoming part of the Royal Family is to have humility, be wise and work harder to become the gateway for other big breakthroughs for not only black women but all women across the globe. Leave a legacy that will inspire hope in the life of many across the world. Be that signboard that black young ladies will look up to. The Obama’s have done their part and they still continue to impact our world positively. Be an extension of the Obama legacy of hope to black people. You have been handed one of the biggest platforms in the world to influence this world positively especially black people. 

I will end by saying that, Meghan, your best is never enough until it has impacted lives positively.


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  1. Peter Okojie says:

    Thanks Oscar B for your intuitive analytical representation of Meghan Markle march to royaldom. I agree with you in totality. I only hope that your followers truly internalised every detail you have espoused here.

  2. Michael Croc Mountain says:

    This is a great Piece Mr Oscar

    Keep in educating and enlightening the mind of our people. You are a light to many Thank U

  3. bernard Antwi says:

    We thank God for people like you sir. Who ever thought a divorcee will once become a part of a royal. You have produce a master class article which will inspire many readers to pursue their passion in life. Well done sir. We are always motivated by your words.

  4. Your beautiful article is much appreciated. The world needs more of such articles. Thanks for sharing and stay blessed. All the best. Cheers!?

  5. Oscar Bimpong says:

    Thanks for your feedback. These simple feedbacks keep me going and God bless all.

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