The Characteristics of the Lion and the Eagle

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The lion and the eagle are unique and their prominence in terms of what they believe in and stand for can be an asset for many to realise their vision in life. They are who they say they are and they never change due to circumstances but they rather force circumstances to change on their behalf.

1. Self Belief – They both believe they are the best and they know they cannot be compared to anyone. Self belief is key in pursuit of your vision. If you don’t believe in yourself, products and services, then don’t expect anyone to believe in you.

2. Territorial Control – They know their territory and boundaries and how to manipulate and control it to their advantage. The eagle does not battle in the jungle, neither the lion in the air. They understand their territory. That is the first step to succeed in your vision is to understand the industry you are in.

3. Talent – They believe in their talent and they nurture it to succeed against all odds. That is they have developed their talent and that have made them be on top of their game. The harnessing of their talent makes them the best in the industry they operate.

4. Fear – They are fearless as they wake up to pursue their goals without waiting for the approval of others. In actual fact, fear is deleted from their dictionary of life. They wake up every day to pursue their goals without concentrating on the risk factors. The fact is the vision of many is dead because they are imprisoned by fear.

5. Mentors – They are mentors to their young ones. They train and develop them to have the same mindset as their older ones. Tradition is handed to the young ones because they learn from the older generation. Who is your mentor in pursuit of your vision? Do you have a mentor who is in the same industry you operate?

6. Inferiority Complex – The lion never sees itself as a bear neither the eagle ever seeing itself as a bird. They see themselves as who they are and nothing else. That is the definition of being authentic. Who do you see your self to be? Remember how you see yourself will be a reflection on your vision and how people perceive you.

7. Passion – They are passionate about their goals. Their passion never fluctuates and the reason is that they love their territory and what they do. Their passion is aligned to what they love doing and that is the secret of their perpetual success. Is your passion aligned with what you love doing?

8. Mindset – They have a strong mindset and that is the anchor and the foundation of their success. Living in the jungle or in the air doesn’t change their mindset. They believe they are in charge and they are the master of their territory. They command respect and they rule because they have created a strong mindset that they are born leaders. Have you developed the right mindset for your vision?

9. Leadership – They create a path for others to follow. They have trained themselves to be leaders and not to follow anyone. It’s a choice they have made. They don’t wait or allow others to lead them as they believe they are the master of their destinies and no their party is allowed to share their leadership acumen with them.

10. Warriors – They are warriors. They don’t just fight but they fight to win. That is they don’t back down easily. They fight to their last breath. Are you a warrior in pursuit of your vision or you give when your ‘enemies’ (competitors) sound like the Goliath in the industry you operate.

Just align this to your life and vision and success will knock at your door.

Remember my hashtag, it is possible if only you believe.

Oscar Bimpong

Author | Transformational Speaker | Corporate Trainer | Business Consultant

Breaking the Norm and Calming the Storm the Meghan Way

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I just wake up and the first though that came to my mind is that today, the 19th of May 2018 is a special day and history is about to be made in the royalty of the United Kingdom with a royal wedding. Today is the wedding of Harry and Meghan. This is not only a special moment for the bride and groom but the whole world will be watching with an eagle eye detailing every step of the way.

However I’m prompted to write this short article because I want to inspire someone. One of the biggest breaks in the history of mankind in our generation is for a black man to be the president of the United States. This is one of the biggest boundaries that the black man has crossed in centuries considering our turmoil as slaves and colonisation amidst racism and discrimination. You can say it is destiny but I will say for Barrack Obama to become the president of the United States, even if it was destiny, I believe effort played a critical role. That is Obama believed and he made the effort to make it happen.

Now the next significant boundary that is about to be overcome is Meghan, a woman of colour to become part of the Royal Family. Interracial marriages have suffered in the past from the United States where it was illegal to the UK where they were discriminated against. The world has moved forward meaning interracial marriages have become more acceptable and welcoming. However there are still remnants of racism and discrimination that they face. But I believe the beauty of diversity which is the bedrock of the city of London will be activated today and this wedding will serve as foundation to continue to embrace diversity.

The inspiration for this article stems from the background of Meghan. From a modest family in the United Sates, a divorcee and coming from a family that seems to be dysfunctional tells me one thing and that is keep your hope alive in spite of all the challenges you are facing in life. The only difference between you and Meghan is that your kairos moment hasn’t arrived yet. That is your opportune time hasn’t materialised. But what you do before your opportune time is critical to becoming the person you are destined to be.

One of the lessons to learn from Meghan’s story is a lesson of what I call to let it go of any form of bitterness in your life. One of the things that you should remember is that Meghan would have missed this opportune time if she was bitter about her divorce. Many in life are harbouring so much bitterness in their life after divorce such that they don’t see any beauty in marriage. They believe there are no good women or men out there. Hence they swim in self pity, bitterness and hatred. The fact is how can you attract the prince of your life if what you harbour in your heart repels the good things of life. Many are missing their opportune moment in life because they have failed one thing or the other in life.

Your failure is not an excuse to continue failing but your handling of failure is the platform to get to greater heights in life.

There has been a lot of controversies prior to this special day in relation to Meghan’s family. Before I drop my pen to go and glue myself to the TV, I was asking a lot of questions concerning Meghan’s family. Did Harry visit the family before he decided to marry her? If he did, what was his thoughts? Did his experience with the family make it difficult to break the news of his relationship with Meghan to the Royal Family? How has the Royal family taken all the controversies within the family prior to today?

There are a lot of questions than answers. In all these, there is one thing that I believe stood out in the mind of Harry and that is Meghan carried herself very well in the midst of a family that looks disintegrated. The fact is how you carry yourself matters in winning any battle in life. To stand out from the crowd is not easy but is achievable if you know what you want and allow your uniqueness to shine in the midst of the storm. There is nothing impossible if you put your mind to it. Stop thinking mediocrity and break the limitations preventing you from getting to where you are destined to be in life.

It’s unfortunate the father will not walk Meghan down the aisle but I believe Meghan has a strong personality to handle this on this special occasion. What I will advise Meghan as a black person becoming part of the Royal Family is to have humility, be wise and work harder to become the gateway for other big breakthroughs for not only black women but all women across the globe. Leave a legacy that will inspire hope in the life of many across the world. Be that signboard that black young ladies will look up to. The Obama’s have done their part and they still continue to impact our world positively. Be an extension of the Obama legacy of hope to black people. You have been handed one of the biggest platforms in the world to influence this world positively especially black people. 

I will end by saying that, Meghan, your best is never enough until it has impacted lives positively.


A Rented World

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A Tribute to Ebony

There is nothing wrong with being a tenant, but it is better to develop a mindset of working towards becoming a landlord.

Oscar Bimpong.

I shared this quote a day before Ebony’s death on a social media platform. However, the meaning of this quote is in relation to real a life situation. In real life, you are either a tenant or a landlord. Your landlord draws the terms and conditions of renting and as a tenant you just have to abide by them or your the landlord evicts you.

However, in terms of our lives, we are all tenants of this world and there is only one landlord. Meaning no one owns this world. It is a rented space for all of us- both rich and the poor.

The rich and the poor all have one life to live.

The journey between the day you are born and the day you die is just a journey that is akin to renting. In real life situation, a person renting a house does not own the property. Hence they can be evicted anytime the property owner deems it fit to take over the property. This situation can be extrapolated unto our lives as we don’t have control over our lives. We cannot determine how, when or who should give birth to us, neither can we choose when we will die.

The fact is, the only opportunity to be a landlord in life, is to own a property. The way time moves fast, coupled with the kind of complex life we live in, especially in our generation, you just have a life now and the next moment you are not assured of it. You can have all the properties and valuable stuff that makes life a worthwhile but all of them do not belong to you. No one dies and goes to the grave with all their properties acquired. They leave it as a legacy for the next generation. The Bible says a good man leaves an inheritance for their children’s children.

Therefore if we are renting this world, then who is the owner of this world. Who has given us this space called the world for us to rent? Who determines when we are supposed to leave our rented apartment in the world,in relation to our life or to continue to have that opportunity to stay in it. Many people will have different answers to this, based on their ideology, background, educational level, religious beliefs and the way they perceive life. But as a child of God, I will stand by what the Bible says and that is, it is appointed unto men once to die, but after that judgement. God is the lawful owner of this world.

What I want Ghanaians and Christians to understand is that judgement does not come from man. Judgement comes from God Almighty. He is the only person that has the power and capacity to judge us. Therefore as you are renting this space called ‘world’, you don’t have any right or power to judge anyone because you will also be judged. Those that are judging Ebony, it is time you start pointing fingers at yourself as no one is perfect.

Remember one day the Landlord of this world will appear and ask yourself if you have obliged by all the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement of the space that was rented to you.

Ebony in her short life, lived a life of doing what she loved doing. That is entertaining and putting a smile on people’s faces. Every time you saw her in an interview or in a music video, she did it with a smile. Unfortunately, we have lost one of the most brilliant and talented young ladies, who was in the process of putting Ghana on the World map.

The question I want to ask you is simply this, what are you doing with your life before you die? Are you pursuing the things you love doing or you wake up every day to pursue that job or dream that frustrates you? There is always a positive side to any sad story. I watched an interview of Ebony on the Delay show and she categorically stated that at a point in time she had to drop out of school and pursue her music career because that is what she wants to do for the rest of her life. You can argue why she left school at such a young age but that is not different from the Bill Gates, the Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell etc. of our time. That is not to say education is not important but it’s important you understand that, the fact you did not have an education or you are a school drop out doesn’t mean you cannot be successful in life. Start with the things that you are passionate about and work hard at it with diligence and consistency and the rest can be history.

The multi-dollar question is what are you waiting for? What do you love doing? There is no other time as the time is NOW. The only time you have is this moment because, you don’t have control over the next moment. So whatever you want to achieve, the time to start is now. Procrastination should be deleted from your dictionary of life. Ebony though a mighty tree cut short and a candle light snuffed out,lived her dream. Are you living your dream?

Jonathan Larson says “there is no future, there is no past, I live this moment as my last”

Your future is today. Because if you don’t start today, there will be no future tomorrow. Excuses should be put to death and a passion to succeed against all odds should be activated in pursuit of your vision. Life is too short for you to continue to procrastinate.

But before I end, I want everyone reading this short tribute Ebony to understand this. We need to be careful when driving and we have to learn to adhere to road signs. The recklessness and the indiscipline on our roads are too much. The Government also has the responsibility to make our roads safer for driving.

As for Ebony, her friend Frankie and the soldier that died with them, may they rest in peace. As for the families and friends, Ruff Town Records CEO Bullet, who happens to be a good friend and the management team, i pray for the Grace of God to help you pass through such a challenging and difficult moment like this. May God keep and bless all of you.

I always say that it’s possible if only you believe.

Author – Oscar Bimpong
(Author, Transformational Speaker, Corporate Trainer & a Business Consultant)
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The Truth Needs to be Told to Christians.

I have started seeing adverts of crossing over into 2018, you will recover all that you’ve lost in 2017, you will do well in 2018 and so many promising and motivating captions. The new year resolutions galore as I call it have started.

Instead of being emotional, learn to be realistic.

The fact is you plugged yourself into these captions in 2016 prior to 2017. Now if nothing changed because you decided not to take a step of faith to activate your goals, then I want to assure you that stop wasting your time as nothing will change in 2018. Face reality and start working on your goals. Your prayers will be a waste of time if you decide not to act on what you prayed about.

Don’t get it twisted as God is still in the miracle business but his plan for your life is not a one day miracle but a journey. You don’t want to be in the bush like David to prepare your mind for the Goliath of your life. You don’t want to be in prison like Joseph but you want to be  a Prime Minister not forgetting the lion’s den where Daniel exhibited an extreme level of faith. The most powerful weapon of any Christian is faith, however it is the most undervalued principle by many Christians.

The reason is that the faith of many Christians is overshadowed by a miracle mindset.

That is for example if you are waiting to get the right resources or money to start that business, then I can boldly say you don’t have faith. A christian without faith is as good as dead. Your faith is what pushes God to do his path of making your vision a success.  How can you work with clay and not get your hands dirty. That is you have a role to play to make your destiny come to live.

David could have missed his Glory if he had decided to run away after meeting his Goliath which was an easy option. Every challenge in pursuit of your vision comes as a Goliath. However no matter how giant your Goliath is, the only over comer is that silent small voice of faith. Many of us when we meet the Goliath of our lives, we prefer someone to throw the stone to kill the Goliath on our behalf. Shifting responsibility and giving excuses have become the lifestyle of many Christians. Moreover many Pastors are not helping as they only concentrate on preaching miracles neglecting the reality aspect of the Gospel.

The purpose of God for your life is not a straight path. It can be full of challenges. However he is the one that speaks to the storm to calm it down. He is the I am that I am. He is the author and finisher of your faith. When he says YES, no one can say no. He is the destiny changer and the God that can turn situations around within the twinkle of an eye. All you have to do is to take a step of faith to activate your vision and have the passion to succeed in spite of all the challenges encountered and anticipated. This will trigger the promises of God over your life.

So have a mindset of taking bold steps in 2018. Stop being emotional and let the wishful thinking cease. Stop concentrating on this miracle centered and the fall of manna oriented life preached by some Pastors. For example believe God for a miracle for your healing but when it comes to God’s plan for your life, its a journey that can be full of miracles and challenges. Stop concentrating on the challenges and start taking bold steps. The miracle is God will be with you like the way he was with Daniel, David, Esther, Joseph, Hannah etc. These men and women of God faced challenges. This is the reality that needs to be preached. However God was with them.

Your prayer for 2018 should be, God give me the faith to believe in my vision, the courage to act on it and the passion that drives success against all odds. I want to be a testimony that will encourage others to start acting in faith by the end of 2018. 

So this is the time to reflect on 2017 and the start to work on your goals for 2018.

Remember it is good to pray but best to act on your prayer.

Your relentless effort will provoke God to show up in pursuit of your purpose and make it a tremendous success.




The January-December Cycle

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A Cycle of Achievement or Procrastination

January and December are a cycle that will always show up on your calendar of life. They denote the beginning and the end of the year. They are a measure of our progress in relation to our vision.

What this means is that you cannot change time but you can only manage it to your advantage. Time is a constant factor in our lives but our activities are a variable factor. Therefore, what we do with our time defines time and it measures our progress in terms of meeting our goals.

We have only one month to get to the end of the year. December is a month of reflection and January is a month of promises. In January 2017, you promised yourself so many things that you wanted to accomplish. December is here and it is time to assess your goals. Did you perform poorly, good or excellently?

You are the only person to judge whether 2017 was a success or failure. 

I know there are people reading this article who gave up their goals in January. They returned to their comfort zone and they continued the cycle of the status quo. Meaning, nothing is changed in their lives the last twelve months. They are becoming frustrated by the day and they are waiting for January 2018 to get motivated just to give up in February.

Someone reading also might have given up in the middle of the year and some are still fighting to achieve their goals by the end of December. It might interest you that some people have achieved their goals for 2017 and are planning for 2018 already.

What I want you to understand is that time have never waited for a man in life. Time is flying at the speed of light. The faster time flies the older you become.

Whatever vision you have, the time is NOW.

Yesterday is history. You don’t have control over tomorrow or the next moment. The only time you are assured of, for you to act and make that difference, is NOW

I don’t really care what you are waiting for that is making you procrastinate your vision. However, I believe there are some seeds of resources that you can use to start that vision.

That seed capital of resources can grow to become the biggest tree you can ever imagine.

There is saying that ‘easier said than done’. That means talking about your vision is the easiest thing to do, taking action is the difficult part of the process and overcoming challenges is one of the roadblocks to success. That means the January- December cycle is the greatest opportunity to achieve your goals or the best platform to procrastinate. To make your vision a success, you need to make a transition to your vision from the idea stage to reality and an eventual success.

If you never worked on your vision in 2017 for reasons best known to you, I can assure you that you will regret very soon for wasting too much time by not starting that vision.

Also if you gave up too soon and recoiled back into your shell like the snail living in that atmosphere called comfortable zone, then remember nothing is bound to change in your life in 2018 if you continue to be in that shell. Until you take a bold step to change the narratives in your life, the existing state of affairs will rule your life and change will be non-existent.

The way to the top is like going to war. It’s a battle. In the war zone, you don’t have time to procrastinate. You act and fight the battle because there are only three options for you: you win, you lose or you die. The battlefield mindset will make you understand the realities of the challenges to anticipate in pursuit of your vision.

The market in the 21st century is saturated. If you refuse to make your vision to be alive, you will surely die as your competitors are at your doorstep ready to cripple your vision.

It is not easy to get to the top called success but it is achievable if you are hungry enough to fight the battle to the top.

The journey to success is not a straight path. It’s full of battles called challenges. Therefore, your shock absorbers to handle the challenges on the road are your passion, desire to succeed against all odds; your strategic focus to outwit your competitors, the network that you build and your relentless effort not give up when the storm rages.

2018 can only be a year where you will sit back and reflect and say to yourself, kudos, I have done the unthinkable, that is if only you act on your vision and you persist until you succeed. In 2018, put your vision in LIVE mode. Move your vision from the idea stage to the action stage. Keep pressing the accelerator of your vision, only break for a while to reflect then continue the journey to where you want to belong in life.

No one is born with a tag of success or failure on their forehead but what you do will define who you become in the near future.

If you choose to procrastinate, then you don’t need a prophet to tell you that you are a total failure. However, if you decide to act on your vision, then you are one step closer to success. Moreover, if you choose to persist, then you will surely succeed.



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