CR7 A Definition of A Well Nurtured Talent

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June 16, 2018

I want to emphatically say that, we are all born with a talent. The fact is, as your DNA and fingerprints are unique, so is your talent. Alan Rickman puts it in a better perspective by saying talent is an accident of genes and a responsibility .”

Meaning your talent is wired into your DNA, but it is your responsibility to identify and nurture it.
When it comes to talent, everyone has their opinion. Some people think they don’t have any, others do and some believe they have at least one or many and work towards refining that one or many talents. The most difficult aspect is identifying your talent. This is where many miss out on what they have been endowed with. They think talent is just for a few in, and as such, they don’t bother to identify the talent hidden in them. Therefore their inability to identify their talent means they never get the opportunity to nurture it. Identifying your talent is the first step in the journey of using it to influence the world positively. The question one may ask is how does one identify their talent?

The first person to help identify your talent is yourself. The fact is if you have a burning desire for doing one particular thing, and you are so passionate about and even happy to do it, even if you are not paid for doing it, then the fulfilment of getting the opportunity to do it is priceless. This particular thing that you are too passionate about can potentially be your talent. Start to give it the needed attention. The second component to help you identify your talent, are the people around you and that is your friends, family and to a large extent the educational system. There is one particular thing that resonates with those around you. For example, they might always be saying you are funny all the time. That is a sign suggesting that you can be a comedian. Start to pay attention to people around you as the voice of the many confirming and substantiating one particular thing in your life must never be ignored.

That goes to show that many do not see the signs that identify their talent because they are not conscious of identifying it.

Identifying your talent is like breaking your virginity. It opens a whole new world of adventuring. Identification takes you to nurture your talent. This is what separates the wheat from the chaff. Many have identified their talent but they are not able to nurture it to that level of excellence where they stand out among their peers. That means talent alone cannot take a person far but it has to be accompanied by hard work, perseverance, passion and a strong willpower to shine through. Tim Notke confirms this by saying; ”Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard”. This takes me to one person that fits this quote to the core and that person is Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid and the captain of the Portuguese national team. He is an epitome of a talent that has worked on and polished over the years.

To be five times Ballon D’or winner, four times UEFA best player in Europe, sixteen times best scorer, one-time European champion, five times champions league winner, three times English premier league champion and the list goes on and on, cannot happen with an ordinary attitude but an extraordinary one to break the code of success. This is the definition of Cristiano Ronaldo. However, his achievements did not happen on a silver platter. The man has dedicated his life to his trade. The first time I got the opportunity to hear of him, was when Manchester United played a friendly with Sporting Lisbon before he was signed in 2003 when the eighteen year old teenager, tormented Sir Alex Ferguson’s Red Devils. A team that included Rio Ferdinand and Roy Keane. From that time I have followed his progress keenly to date.

He has moved from ordinary to extraordinary. The journey in-between the ordinary status to the extraordinary is not rocket science but hard work to be a better version of your talent every day.

Watching him last night against Spain in the world cup prompted this article. His desire to win, passion and how he has nurtured his craft to be competitive and to exceed expectation every time is what has made CR7 stand out in the beautiful game we call football. In my opinion, CR7 is not the best player in the world. However, he has arguably become the best player in the world due to one thing and that is consistency. In this trade of using your talent to break the code of success, one thing should be your weapon and that is to be consistent with nurturing your talent. There is no way you can succeed in this talent industry if you

have a lackadaisical attitude towards the nurturing of your talent. Your ability to have a strict regime, and to stick to a routine religiously is your guarantee of creating a platform that has the potential to move you from ordinary to greatness. From the youth systems of F.C Porto to the first team of Porto to Manchester United to Real Madrid, has shown a consistent improvement in the talent of CR7. He has progressed consistently. There is not a day that you will realise in a match where he did not give his all.

CR7 is truly an epitome of a well-nurtured talent.

Therefore if you are reading this article and your aim is to use your talent to break that code of success and to use it to influence our world positively, I will recommend that CR7 should be your case study. You must read his autobiography. He is a man to follow. His inspiration and passion are infectious. Learn from the greats, and you will be on a path to be great if you emulate them and work towards the nurturing of your talent.

Success in any department of your life is not cheap. It is an expensive venture. There is always a price to be paid when it comes to success and identifying and nurturing your talent to succeed is not an exception. It is like going to the gym. For you to get that six-pack comes with a lot of sacrifices. You have to endure pain to gain that six pack status. Are you ready to endure that pain to nurture your talent today in order to experience a lifetime of doing what you love doing?

I will end by quoting a good friend, Bbi Ibrahim who said on Facebook that CR7 is an INSTITUTION. I believe this sums it all.

Remember it is possible if only you believe.

Author – Oscar Bimpong

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