Re-creating a New Path for Africa

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May 23, 2018
The richest continent inhabiting the poorest people on earth leaves us with too many questions with less answers. How can you have all the resources in the world but still poor. What is the cause of our predicament? How can we have independence but we are still dependent on our colonial masters? Been rich in resources but poor in reality is a mismatch of how wealth is created. This makes the African continent to continue to be a mystery.

The fact is the African has suffered from colonisation to slavery and now neocolonialism. Many people including some black people believe Africans should move forward and stop thinking about the past. That is absolutely true because you cannot move forward by always looking backwards. That is dwelling on your past will definitely affect you in relation to focusing on your future. However there is one thing that I believe and that is you cannot have a successful future if you don’t understand your past. The African history is something that many don’t even understand or does not have a full grasp of the episodes of what happened to black people from slavery to colonisation. The children of black people including some adults don’t understand the full scale of their history. Therefore I believe the first call to re-creating a new path to Africa is to understand our history.

A country that does not understand or know their history will not be able to use their past as guide for their future

I’m a proud African. Any opportunity I get to showcase who I am becomes the greatest moment of my life. However my dear continent has suffered more than any other continent of the world and a such it is time to rewrite our history. That is to take the mantle on to our hands and start the creation of a new path. A new path means change. Change is one of the most expensive legacies that comes at a huge cost. To take the path of change will cost the present generation as they will have to sacrifice every aspect of their life to create a secured future and a platform for the future generation to thrive.

The question is do we have our generation ready to sacrifice? Are we ready to stop the corrupt activities, invest in ourselves to lift us out of poverty, hunger, poor education and health and lack of infrastructure? Until the current generation ready to forgo things that they acquire through easy means and falsehood and work towards building a future full of hard work, honesty and sincerity to change the current state of affairs, we will continue to sink as a ship. The African continent needs revival and that revival starts from me and you.

For us to recreate our path, I believe we must invest in changing the mindset of the people. However the leadership in Africa which consistent of the older generation are the driving force creating a corrupt environment through loot and share. There is the saying that you cannot teach an old dog a new name and hence I strongly believe that the current leadership in Africa is difficult to change especially when it comes to their mindset. For example a leader that is corrupt at the age of seventy is more likely not to change as the mind is too corrupt for a reverse action. However what we can do to such people is to fight them with law as their mindset is fixed.

However I want us to concentrate on the youth of Africa and our young children by starting to work on their minds. We can give ourselves about five decades to start this mindset transformation. Five decades is the definition of sacrifice for the next generation to start life on a sound footing. This mindset transformation starts from me and you and that is to empower and ignite the passion in them to believe that they are born for greatness. Until they believe, they will not be able to cross any boundary not to talk about conquering any territory. Self believe will be inculcated in them when we become role models for them. That is teaching them integrity, honesty, great attitude and how to coexist with others in a positive way to build and grow together as a unit.

My passion is the mind as I believe the battle starts in the mind. Until we win the battle in the mind, it will be difficult to win the battle in the real world. Therefore working on the minds of the youth and our children is fundamental to the success of the African continent. Causing them to take bold steps in the midst of uncertainty and lack of opportunities will be a success if their mindset is set at the right frequency of possibilities, good attitude coupled with hope to thrive. The young people are our future so working on their minds is paramount to change every shepherd of our lives that have made the continent to deteriorate rather that progressing.

Finally when the minds is set right, every other factor that the continents needs will fall into place. Leadership, health and education system, poverty, corrupt activities, infrastructure etc will definitely improved.

Therefore in conclusion, developing the right mindset for the continent is key to the success of the African continent and this mindset transformation starts from you the person reading this article. That is influencing the minds of your family, friends and your community positively will definitely starts a ripple effect if we all engage in this difficult task to turn the impossible to a possible venture. Our collective effort will create a strong synergy to change the status quo confronting the continent. 


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