Oscar Bimpong Specialises in the following:

Transformational Speaking – Oscar is practical to the core in delivering powerful and insightful inspirational messages that transforms lives, have the capacity to ignite the power of your subconscious mind, causes you to take a step, he inspires change that can move you to a different dimension in life, he sparks passion and stirs up your desire to succeed and he shakes the foundation of dead dreams to cause an awakening. 

Oscar illuminates people’s vision and enable them to have a clearer picture of the journey ahead. After listening to Oscar, you have only one option and that is, to act on your dreams and aspirations. Oscar has spoken in a number of schools in Ghana and the UK from secondary schools to Universities in given short inspirational messages at Assemblies of schools at GCSE to A-Levels to holding Summits at Colleges and Universities. He has also spoken in Seminars, Conferences and Churches across the globe. His experience is an asset to continually make a difference in the lives of people.


Keynote Speaker – Oscar is a Keynote Speaker who over the years have gained experience to impact your audience and takes them through an emotional and intellectual journey that positions them for the next level or change that is about to happen in your organization. Oscar speaks at corporate events, Institutions, Seminars, Conferences and Church events. He is articulate and endowed with developing speeches that can provoke your audience to have a clear picture of issues at stake and to deliver mind-blowing speeches that can start the way forward of a new dimension.

He speaks on Mindset dubbed the ‘Revolution of the Mind’, skilled in Personal, Talent and Career Development as well as Entrepreneurship. The dynamism and versatility of Oscar makes him iconic in delivering speeches from diverse topics due to his research and creative abilities that are practical, engaging and designed to meet modern business trends.

Peak Performance Expert– My personality is to bring the best out of people. I do it by helping them to identify what they can do to the best of their ability, take them through a refinery process and finally to bring out the diamond deposited in them. Hence Oscar is an expert in helping you develop in areas of your life that needs change. His step by step training program developed to identify your strengths and manage your weakness will create a new dimension and ambition in your life.

The personal development program highlights on developing your mindset to manage change, inspire positive thinking to make it a cultural practice and build a mindset that sees success within reach. 

Workshop Facilitation – Oscar as a facilitator respects the views of the team, allows them to express their views without judging them and believes in the abilities for everyone to grow and change. His positive attitude means he trusts in the ability of each individual to discover and find solutions to problems and to focus on the individual and not their behaviour.

He strives to have successful workshop facilitation at all times because of his passion to improve his learning capabilities and strive for excellence. Hence a s a facilitator is to keep the group on track and ensure that the objectives are met. 

Business Consultant – Oscar is the lead Management Consultant at Train2inspire Consultancy which is a Business Training and Consulting firm based in London. We focus on training and development that improves life and business. We are always enthusiastic about training and development projects that are highly innovative coupled with the client ready to take a level of risk to effect change in the organisation. The motive of Train2inspire Consultancy is inspiring our generation through training and development.

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