Ten Facts About Talent

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December 4, 2017
1. Talent is a gift from God. It is giving to you freely.
2. The giver of any gift never demands it back and they never tell you what to do with the gift. It is entirely your decision what you do with the gift.
3. Every gem likewise every talent is hidden. It’s up to you to identify it.
4. Identifying your talent is not enough but the nurturing of your talent is paramount to your success in life.
5. Consistency in nurturing your talent will make you an expert in your field of endeavour.
6. In pursuit of your talent, first you nurture it and during this stage, your value is less and hence you find it difficult to attract people to invest in your talent.
7. Over time, you build value and your talent attracts a price tag.
8. Every talent is a multi-dollar industry. It will reach a time you will command and dictate transactions in your terms.
9. When it comes to talent, you don’t have to work hours to earn money. You can, for example, run a 10 seconds race and become a millionaire. The Usain Bolt factor.
10. You cannot identify your talent and not love what you do. That is the best thing that can happen to any man is to do what you love doing and earn money out of it.
Oscar Bimpong

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