The Characteristics of the Lion and the Eagle

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September 18, 2018

The lion and the eagle are unique and their prominence in terms of what they believe in and stand for can be an asset for many to realise their vision in life. They are who they say they are and they never change due to circumstances but they rather force circumstances to change on their behalf.

1. Self Belief – They both believe they are the best and they know they cannot be compared to anyone. Self belief is key in pursuit of your vision. If you don’t believe in yourself, products and services, then don’t expect anyone to believe in you.

2. Territorial Control – They know their territory and boundaries and how to manipulate and control it to their advantage. The eagle does not battle in the jungle, neither the lion in the air. They understand their territory. That is the first step to succeed in your vision is to understand the industry you are in.

3. Talent – They believe in their talent and they nurture it to succeed against all odds. That is they have developed their talent and that have made them be on top of their game. The harnessing of their talent makes them the best in the industry they operate.

4. Fear – They are fearless as they wake up to pursue their goals without waiting for the approval of others. In actual fact, fear is deleted from their dictionary of life. They wake up every day to pursue their goals without concentrating on the risk factors. The fact is the vision of many is dead because they are imprisoned by fear.

5. Mentors – They are mentors to their young ones. They train and develop them to have the same mindset as their older ones. Tradition is handed to the young ones because they learn from the older generation. Who is your mentor in pursuit of your vision? Do you have a mentor who is in the same industry you operate?

6. Inferiority Complex – The lion never sees itself as a bear neither the eagle ever seeing itself as a bird. They see themselves as who they are and nothing else. That is the definition of being authentic. Who do you see your self to be? Remember how you see yourself will be a reflection on your vision and how people perceive you.

7. Passion – They are passionate about their goals. Their passion never fluctuates and the reason is that they love their territory and what they do. Their passion is aligned to what they love doing and that is the secret of their perpetual success. Is your passion aligned with what you love doing?

8. Mindset – They have a strong mindset and that is the anchor and the foundation of their success. Living in the jungle or in the air doesn’t change their mindset. They believe they are in charge and they are the master of their territory. They command respect and they rule because they have created a strong mindset that they are born leaders. Have you developed the right mindset for your vision?

9. Leadership – They create a path for others to follow. They have trained themselves to be leaders and not to follow anyone. It’s a choice they have made. They don’t wait or allow others to lead them as they believe they are the master of their destinies and no their party is allowed to share their leadership acumen with them.

10. Warriors – They are warriors. They don’t just fight but they fight to win. That is they don’t back down easily. They fight to their last breath. Are you a warrior in pursuit of your vision or you give when your ‘enemies’ (competitors) sound like the Goliath in the industry you operate.

Just align this to your life and vision and success will knock at your door.

Remember my hashtag, it is possible if only you believe.

Oscar Bimpong

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