The January-December Cycle

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December 4, 2017

A Cycle of Achievement or Procrastination

January and December are a cycle that will always show up on your calendar of life. They denote the beginning and the end of the year. They are a measure of our progress in relation to our vision.

What this means is that you cannot change time but you can only manage it to your advantage. Time is a constant factor in our lives but our activities are a variable factor. Therefore, what we do with our time defines time and it measures our progress in terms of meeting our goals.

We have only one month to get to the end of the year. December is a month of reflection and January is a month of promises. In January 2017, you promised yourself so many things that you wanted to accomplish. December is here and it is time to assess your goals. Did you perform poorly, good or excellently?

You are the only person to judge whether 2017 was a success or failure. 

I know there are people reading this article who gave up their goals in January. They returned to their comfort zone and they continued the cycle of the status quo. Meaning, nothing is changed in their lives the last twelve months. They are becoming frustrated by the day and they are waiting for January 2018 to get motivated just to give up in February.

Someone reading also might have given up in the middle of the year and some are still fighting to achieve their goals by the end of December. It might interest you that some people have achieved their goals for 2017 and are planning for 2018 already.

What I want you to understand is that time have never waited for a man in life. Time is flying at the speed of light. The faster time flies the older you become.

Whatever vision you have, the time is NOW.

Yesterday is history. You don’t have control over tomorrow or the next moment. The only time you are assured of, for you to act and make that difference, is NOW

I don’t really care what you are waiting for that is making you procrastinate your vision. However, I believe there are some seeds of resources that you can use to start that vision.

That seed capital of resources can grow to become the biggest tree you can ever imagine.

There is saying that ‘easier said than done’. That means talking about your vision is the easiest thing to do, taking action is the difficult part of the process and overcoming challenges is one of the roadblocks to success. That means the January- December cycle is the greatest opportunity to achieve your goals or the best platform to procrastinate. To make your vision a success, you need to make a transition to your vision from the idea stage to reality and an eventual success.

If you never worked on your vision in 2017 for reasons best known to you, I can assure you that you will regret very soon for wasting too much time by not starting that vision.

Also if you gave up too soon and recoiled back into your shell like the snail living in that atmosphere called comfortable zone, then remember nothing is bound to change in your life in 2018 if you continue to be in that shell. Until you take a bold step to change the narratives in your life, the existing state of affairs will rule your life and change will be non-existent.

The way to the top is like going to war. It’s a battle. In the war zone, you don’t have time to procrastinate. You act and fight the battle because there are only three options for you: you win, you lose or you die. The battlefield mindset will make you understand the realities of the challenges to anticipate in pursuit of your vision.

The market in the 21st century is saturated. If you refuse to make your vision to be alive, you will surely die as your competitors are at your doorstep ready to cripple your vision.

It is not easy to get to the top called success but it is achievable if you are hungry enough to fight the battle to the top.

The journey to success is not a straight path. It’s full of battles called challenges. Therefore, your shock absorbers to handle the challenges on the road are your passion, desire to succeed against all odds; your strategic focus to outwit your competitors, the network that you build and your relentless effort not give up when the storm rages.

2018 can only be a year where you will sit back and reflect and say to yourself, kudos, I have done the unthinkable, that is if only you act on your vision and you persist until you succeed. In 2018, put your vision in LIVE mode. Move your vision from the idea stage to the action stage. Keep pressing the accelerator of your vision, only break for a while to reflect then continue the journey to where you want to belong in life.

No one is born with a tag of success or failure on their forehead but what you do will define who you become in the near future.

If you choose to procrastinate, then you don’t need a prophet to tell you that you are a total failure. However, if you decide to act on your vision, then you are one step closer to success. Moreover, if you choose to persist, then you will surely succeed.



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