How to Create a Winning Mentality

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April 13, 2016
People with winning mentality believe in success in spite of their current situation. That is whether they are experiencing challenging moments or not, they still think success. Success is their focus and anything outside the domain of success does not stop them from achieving their goals in life. They are hopeful, work hard to improve at all times and see themselves as the best even when in real time they are not.

In life some people are winners’ whilst others are losers. Each and every one of us can find ourselves at either side of the coin at any given time. The point is we all love to win in life. The difference comes in when one fails. How we manage failure is very critical to our success in life. How you lift yourself up in times of difficulties is the first step in creating a winning mentality. In life there are some people who stay at the level of failure when they experience it and there are others that shake off the dust and continue the journey. That is some people marry their comfort zone when they fail whilst others understand the principle that when they fall they have to rise again. How you manage the challenges you face in life is dependent on how you have trained your mind to overcome those challenges through the power of persistence.

The fact is the majority of us sometimes crave for resources needed in pursuing our dreams. That is obvious and very important. However your mindset is responsible for managing those resources. Meaning you can get all the resources needed but if you don’t have a powerful mindset capable of propelling you through the journey of pursuing your dreams, and then I can assure that you are more likely to fail. 

Remember your mindset is the foundation of your success.
Success they say is 80% mindset and 20% skills.

That means the mind plays a powerful role in fulfilling your dreams. This makes the mind the biggest resource needed in pursuing your dreams. This signifies that having limited resources is no more an excuse in pursuing your dreams but developing a positive and powerful mindset provides the platform for success to thrive. Hence your mindset is the backbone of your success.

Remember a house built on a weak foundation will eventually collapse.

The question is what do you feed your mind with? Is it positive thinking or the negatives of life? Life is based on the psychology of cause and effect. This substantiates the fact that you will definitely experience the effects of all the actions you take in life. For instance if you eat junk food, then expect to be overweight and the possibility of experiencing health challenges in the near future. In simple terms, you are what you eat. This translates to the fact that what you feed your mind with is the cause and its effect will manifest in your life over time.

Always remember positive thinking builds the foundation for success whilst negative thinking builds the platform for failure.

If you feed your mind with positive thoughts, then positive thinking will definitely be the master of your mind. That is the ruler of your mind will be the thoughts that you feed your mind. Be aware that two captains cannot run the same ship. One needs to relegate to the background.

In the same way positive and negative thinking cannot rule your mind at the same time.

That means there is no shared responsibility in ruling your mind. Obviously the one that you feed it more will definitely rule and manifest itself in your mind, thoughts, actions and discussions. This signifies that consciously or unconsciously our mind is being ruled by either positive or negative thinking. Do we find it easy to think positive or negative?  I believe the pressures of life and the countless challenges we face daily in pursuit of our dreams have made us more accustomed to negative thinking than the positives of life. Therefore how can one triumph over the continual thought patterns of negative thinking? 

The basics to overcome negative thought patterns are to be self-aware of what you think about on a daily basis. Remember these thought patterns control your MIND and your emotions. Therefore if you tend to for instance see yourself worried for some reason on a consistent basis, then you have to be aware and be conscious about that particular thought pattern creating that emotion or worry. This is where self-awareness comes in. First identifying that thought pattern, for instance if it’s financial stress and been aware that it is the cause of worry, then you can start the journey of turning the tables from negative thinking about your finances to positive thinking. 

This can be done by learning for example to pinch yourself whenever that thought surfaces. The strategy is to start focussing on your dreams and aspirations that have the potential to turn the tables psychologically in your subconscious mind from financial stress to financial freedom. That is if it is your job or your business that you are using to transcend from financial stress to freedom, then you need to dwell on the expectations on your returns on investment coupled with working hard to achieve your goals. Meeting your goals financially will serve as the turning point in changing your mindset. You also have to hope for the future, be positive about the outcomes of your dreams and aspirations in life and use friends and families as the bedrock to help you pass through challenging times. This signifies that you have started the journey of breathing positives into your life.

This transition from negative to positive thinking is therefore a journey and not a destination.

That is it will take time until that transition becomes prominent in your thinking reflecting in your actions. Over time positive thinking will start to take root in your life and it will eventually relegate negative thinking to the background. This is not an easy journey but being conscious of yourself and taken that bold step of learning to think positive in the midst of difficulties means you will eventually overcome negative thinking. 

Hence consistency in positive thinking will eventually yield a winning mentality.

This means that it will reach a time in your life where you will develop a mindset where the challenges and difficulties faced in life will be dealt with from a positive perspective and not otherwise. Start the journey of switching your thought patterns from negative thinking to positive thinking and I can assure you a powerful foundation of dealing with the situations, challenges and the perceptions in life will be established leading to having a winning mentality that will reflect on building successful dreams and aspirations in life.

Remember winners never quit and quitters never win.

In all, surround yourself with people that share your vision and will encourage you during very difficult and challenging moments.

You can achieve your dreams if you build a winning mentality and believe in possibility. Then the sky will no more be the limit but a stepping stone for greater things to happen. 

Always remember it is possible if only you BELIEVE.

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